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    "There is no weakening in potential even following shrinking……" Yue Yang was somewhat regretful. If the target could be weakened right after shrinking, then it did not matter how many Ancient Slaughterers there were. After shrinking all of them, his team could rush up to give them a beating. As for Black Hell King that would then be shrunk to only the dimension of a bean, he would just kill him with a single step.

    "There also exist the magic that can weaken the opponent although shrinking them, but that would have to be carried out with certain treasures." Qilin Lady Bing Yin was quite pleased with herself, it appeared that she had an even much more powerful trump card up her sleeve.

    "Truly?" Upon hearing this, Yue Yang’s eyes lit up.

    "Yawn, I am so exhausted. I am going back to rest!" Seeing that Yue Yang was about to make her work tough, Qilin Girl Bing Yin escaped swiftly.

    "When will I be ready to return to my original type?" the Giant Loli asked urgently. But just before she was capable to open her mouth, Qilin Woman Bing Yin had already slipped back to the Divine Grimoire to sleep. Hunting at her hands, and then the crowd on the ground, the Giant Loli was out of the blue really pleased: "I am a small unused to being tiny, but this feeling is very nice…… I am hungry. Is there something tasty, speedily deliver it out…… demon crystal? I do not eat demon crystals. I am not a beast, I am an ancient titan. I eat meat, I want to consume delightful roast meat!"

    "Roast meat?" This was tough for Yue Yang. With the Giant Loli’s stomach, even a horse would not be enough for her to pick her teeth with. It would be very hard to make her total!

    "Do you eat Ancient Slaughterers?" Bloody Queen Red welcomed the guest for her owner warmly.

    Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Guy started out moving an Ancient Slaughterer’s physique above.


    She threw it on the ground.

    Every person practically fell on the ground. Could this point even be eaten?

    That cute puppy clan beauty wagged her tail, asking with her eyes broad: "Brother Yue Yang, would not consuming that cause diarrhea?"

    Bloody Queen replied with assurance for Yue Yang: "No, Duo Duo ate one particular just now. Following digesting it, she then prepared to eat one more…… Even though I do not know what it tastes like, but at least it is edible!"

    Yue Yang was about to faint.

    Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s Thorny Flower Sea could even digest metal, there was nothing she could not eat. Utilizing her as an example was entirely inappropriate.

    Nonetheless, the Giant Loli was quite gullible. Hearing that it was edible, she began to prod at Yue Yang with her finger, forcing him back numerous measures to almost fall back: "Brother Yue Yang, roast it swiftly, I am hungry……"

    "I really am not very good at roasting meat!" In the past, Yue Yang heard that ‘barbequing’ was a single of the eight expertise a male protagonist, that passed by way of dimensions, needed to have. As one who went into an additional planet, 1 can be ineffective at almost everything and just had to be excellent at roasting meat. Coming to this globe and not being aware of how to roast meat, was as shameful as time-travelling to Ancient China and not knowing how to put together gunpower, prepare newspaper, farming, producing cement or making electrical energy. If he did not know how to roast meat, it was a straight waste of this spot. How can this be endured by the giant dragons in the other globe anxiously waiting and salivating for roast meat!

    Normally, as lengthy as roast meat is brought out, any giant dragon would fight to recognise the principal character as its proprietor.

    This was due to the fact they had in no way eaten this kind of delicious roast meat.

    And from then on, for delightful foods, they determine to follow the main character!

    Yue Yang just began, but would him roasting meat create the same result? Could it be feasible that this the Giant Loli would be happy from eating roast meat, and for the sake of her abdomen determine to comply with him? And from there on turn into his effective ally?

    However, expectation and actuality was constantly various. The response Yue Yang received was……

    "This roast meat truly tastes horrible. The meat is too tough, I can’t even bite via it! My teeth are going to fall out!" This was the coquetish cries of the puppy clan attractiveness.

    "I seemes there is no salt on it!" On striving it, Southern Goblin King gave heartless suggestions.

    "And it is not cooked by way of." Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying nodded even though secretly laughing.

    "…… Excellent thing I did not attempt it….." Phoenix Fairy Elegance was rejoicing in other’s misfortune. Even though Charm Demon Queen reluctantly ate a piece. Nevertheless, she immediately frowned. She was most likely sorry to criticise him.

    "Hey hey, this has practically nothing to do with how properly I can roast meat. It is the fault of the damned Ancient Slaughterer. Its meat is tough like metal, it is already amazing that I can even reduce it to roast it! Who says that I did not place any salt, I additional so a lot of spices. But do you consider that adding spices to metal will give it any taste?" Yue Yang was going crazy. It was unattainable to roast Ancient Slaughterer meat with just ordinary fire, it had to be his Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus. He also had to use Hui Jin Magic Blade and

    Crescent Blade, and right after a entire whole lot of difficult perform was he ready to minimize a few pieces to roast. If not for him, it was impossible to even dream of consuming Ancient Slaughterer meat!

    "It is actually bad. But what ever, as long as it is filling." the Giant Loli did not have substantial requirements for taste as lengthy as she could get complete.

    "Neglect about these days, what do we do tomorrow?" Southern Goblin King realised that it was not simple to feed a the Giant Loli. First, she actually ate a whole lot. 2nd, they had been stuck in the Grimoire Globe and did not know when they could get out. As the days pass, how could they survive? They only killed four Ancient Slaughterer, and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen presently ate a single. Now that they roasted one more, they are only left with two.

    "Fool, just one drop of God Dew could get her by means of a single day. Yue Yang has a lot of God Dew, how could this be a problem!" Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not believe this was a issue. The real issue was how could they hunt a lot more enemies when the enemies not only improved in numbers, but also elevated in strength.

    "You have God Dew?" On hearing that Yue Yang had God Dew. Southern Goblin King delightedly passed him a jade bottle: "I only have this little bottle……"

    "This is not mineral water, moreover you are not in a rush to use it." Yue Yang rejected her.

    Such a large jade bottle, if he gave her just one bottle, he would even now be unwilling.

    Whilst calling Yue Yang a miser, Southern Goblin King continued to bug him. As for God Dew, even in her dreams she needed to get it.

    Any sum is excellent.

    However, Yue Yang also thought the identical……

    If she asked right, Yue Yang would not give it for sure. If someone needed God Dew to conserve lives or recover, that could be talked about. He threw out the excuse of going to cultivate, and escaped. Even however the Southern Goblin King wanted to follow, she was stopped by Phoenix Fairy Elegance: "Allow us introduce ourselves. I am Sky Law. Level 0 Master I am Yue Yang that baddie’s unmarried wife. What about you guys?"

    After she said that, she completely acquired the upperhand.

    Southern Goblin King opened and closed her mouth, but she could not utter a single word.

    Jiang Ying on the other hand, this hornless female dragon looked to the floor, her face faintly blushing. She twisted her pale fingers and bashfully mentioned: "I, I am Jiang Ying, Yue Yang and I have not identified each other for quite long. At first I wanted him to assist me level up to a Divine Beast, but later on we created a contract, and I have followed him since then……"

    As for this Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not have any objection towards her at all. Jiang Ying was Yue Yang’s guardian beast. She would never ever betray him, so Phoenix Fairy Attractiveness was very much at ease. As for Southern Goblin King, she was an exceptional beauty. Her birth was a mystery and her aura was noble. She had her own strategy of performing things. Mixed with this attitude of somebody who was employed to occupying the highest place, she was certainly not an ordinary lady. Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt that this Southern Goblin King was her adore rival.

    What is a love rival?

    This was a really like rival!

    "Jiang Ying, you are also from the Eastern Goblin Tribe appropriate? How could you make a contract with Yue Yang?" Southern Goblin King was nonetheless a small unclear of the circumstance, in reality, she was a small jealous.

    "I am diverse from ordinary Eastern Goblin Tribe memebers. Even even though my paternal grandfather was a hornless dragon from the Eastern Goblin Tribe, my paternal grandmother was a Gold Dragon Empress. My maternal grandfather was a Silver Dragon Lord while my maternal grandmother was a Spider Empress. A part of my bloodline belong to beasts, which is why I can make contracts also." Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying was really a little ashamed of her bloodline. It was because she was mixed-blood, she had no option but contract a grimoire in order to become a Divine Beast. Whilst being mixed-blood brought her huge electrical power, it also brought her a tough dilemma of unable to contract a grimoire. Thankfully, Yue Yang appeared and she was able to contract a grimoire with his support. Otherwise, that would be a regret she would have for lifestyle.

    "Truly, even for Eastern Goblin Tribe members, it is not straightforward to contract a Grimoire. It is only somewhat simpler for royalty. For an individual ordinary from Eastern Goblin Tribe, it is practically unattainable." Southern Goblin King told her a secret.

    "What do we do now?" Jiang Ying had just woke up and actually wanted to assist Yue Yang. Nonetheless, she was even now unclear on the situation.

    "If you all agree to cooperate, I have an thought……" Phoenix Fairy Elegance was established to regain the leadership position. If Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia were here, she would not battle for the electrical power. But in front of Southern Goblin King, there was no way she would let Southern Goblin King achieve the upperhand.

    "Speak!" Even although Southern Goblin King was quite unwilling, but due to her status and capacity, she could only pay attention to Phoenix Fairy Attractiveness.

    A day later.

    While utilizing Dark Domain to absorb the scattered power from the Innates who have died, Black Hell King felt that anything was amiss. His intuition informed him something was incorrect.

    There had been no battle the complete day……

    Huang Quan and Yue Yang have been at opposite sides, the east and the west, and had no interaction at all.

    What was the problem?

    Basically primarily based on a warrior’s intuition, Black Hell King felt that factors had been not proper. Yet, he could not figure out what was the problem.

    Right after observing and pondering for 2 hours, Black Hell King counted the amount of Ancient Slaughterers. He was shocked to realize that the Ancient Slaughterer patrolling Huang Quan’s side did not unchanged but Yue Yang’s side had six missing Ancient Slaughterer, and one Ancient Slaughterer Captain was also missing…… This was to say, Yue Yang that man was capable to destroy six Ancient Slaughterer and 1 Ancient Slaughterer Captain without having him even realizing it.

    How did he do it?

    There was no attainable way that he could destroy as many as 7 Ancient Slaughterer with out a single sound!

    Moreover, there were as numerous as ten Ancient Slaughterer patrolling every time. There was no purpose for them not to retaliate if they noticed their companion becoming killed. Even if they did not attack, there should have been a commotion.

    No matter how powerful Sky Law’s Thunder, Globe-Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flames were, it was nevertheless unattainable to destroy seven Ancient Slaughterer in an instantaneous…… Black Hell King rushed to crystal plaza, however he could not uncover any clues. It was as if those seven Ancient Slaughterers disappeared like smoke. Following contemplating for really long, Black Hell King all of a sudden understood. His chest was about to explode from anger, but there was nothing he could do……

    He knew what happened.

    It was Sky Law’s doing! Sky Law’s Charm Demon Queen was great at ‘Mesmerizing’!

    She had hypnotised the Ancient Slaughterers into her Grimoire, and Yue Yang later killed them. This technique was reasonably ineffective in the direction of intelligent beings, but to individuals Ancient Slaughterers of virtually no intelligence, it was brilliant.

    "Fine, we will see who laughs to the finish!" Black Hell King spat out these phrases and returned to the central plaza.

    When he returned, Black Hell King employed some unusual technique, and right after that no Ancient Slaughterer came to Yue Yang’s side to patrol anymore. They all stayed at the central plaza, quietly waiting for time to be up.

    Sex System in Sexy World Black Hell King was going to compete with Yue Yang on endurance.

    The a lot more time passes, the much more advantageous it was for him.

    In the Grimoire Globe, Phoenix Fairy Attractiveness sighed: "Black Hell King is really not straightforward. I believed he would get two a lot more days to recognize anything was amiss."

    Yue Yang comforted her: "Even though it was a great idea to hypnotize the Ancient Slaughterers into the Grimoire World, it is not a extended phrase prepare. Everyone do not panic, I can come up with another strategy…… With 10 dark gold demon crystal from the Ancient Slaughterer, perhaps I can come up with a greater plan……"

    The mysterious way he mentioned it was completely baffled the Phoenix Fairy Elegance and the others.

    Only Xiao Wen Li knew that Yue Yang was getting ready to enter the black space to pay a visit to his mother.

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