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  • But not a speck of dust was raised.

    Its power completely disappeared even before reaching Roland, as though it was nonexistent to begin with.

    Hundreds of meters distance could be traversed by a Martial Artist in a split second. Before Delta could even react, its mask was torn apart by Roland and had its star ring grabbed.

    Regardless of…[Read more]

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    All those who were present were stunned.

    Of all six American and Chinese forces, a total of 600 over men, none had any idea why Chen Xiaobei, who was obviously vulnerable against them, had the audacity to face them.

    If he did not fear death, then there was surely an ulterior motive behind such bravery.

    Of course, whatever it was, none of…[Read more]

  • Wan-Er spoke with a low voice, "Feng Zhiling is an outstanding figure… but he is not qualified enough to get you to a fight. Let Xiu-Er and me deal with him for now… If he truly has the capability to be against us, or even defeat us, it won’t be late for you to make a move then. After all, if he is just an easy piece to defeat, he won’t bring…[Read more]

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    Skyfeeder and Ekong were both startled. As for Ning, he fell silent for a moment before letting out a chuckle: "What’s past is past."

    "Come, let me offer you a toast." Ekong lifted up his wine cup. "I’ve had quite a few Dao-companions in the past and thus have experienced the travails involved in reversing spacetime to bring them back.…[Read more]

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