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    This would be a scar for the rest of her life. Only by killing Feng Fei Yun would she obtain a sense of solace!

    At this moment, Feng Fei Yun naturally didn’t know Dong Fang Jing Yue’s thoughts. He squatted on the ground, and he began to analyze the ancient corpse poison on the ground. The poison that could render a powerful person like Dong…[Read more]

  • Han Xin’s cold eyes moved slightly. He turned to Meng Laicai and said, "I think Miss Murong Youruo is on the third floor, right?"

    Meng Laicai was stunned for a moment. Then, he turned to Du Shaofu and with a smile, he said, "Although I am the boss here, I can’t interfere with the matters of Miss Murong Youruo. She is now accompanying a very…[Read more]

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