• Oh, but a little bit of good news is that now that I have football back again, at least I’m getting plenty of stair work in … but even with those, I’m pretty well aware that I don’t have the energy for a full triple-header (or more!)

  • Well, crapola, that didn’t quite work out as well as I’d hoped. Here we are at the finish line and round about two weeks ago, I found I had pretty much just completely run out of gas. I’m pretty much on E, and really have no decent excuse as to why. Honestly, it was fun while it lasted for those first eight weeks or so, and I felt like I was at…[Read more]

  • So even though I was in the neighborhood this Wednesday, I didn’t make it in, and yet, I still did get some decent “exercise” in with a short walk and lots of puppy play time, but I hopefully can get in to try out that “deep” AquaFit class. I really do like the variety that SmartSports offers, but can I get around to try it all!?! We shall see!

  • So, very much like astrology, I like to believe in biorhythms, and these last few days I ha … apparently, at least my fingers are still working strong, because they go faster than the computer itself can process, even with mistakes! I tried out the whole “AquaFit” thing one time last week, and it was great, however, these last couple of days…[Read more]

  • So I finally got to try a class today, and one of the other friendly participants (Barbara? Jan?) showed me yet another treasure that I did not know existed right across from that mystery weight room! Had I not already been sweating as it was, I might have tried that infrared sauna, but dang diggity is that thing tiny! Color me intrigued, though.

  • Oh! And nobody ever bothered to tell me about the tires in the back that can be flipped around, either!! Smart Sports is awesome!

  • Finally got around to trying out the pool/spa for a moment today. Also accidentally stumbled across another weight room that I had no idea existed! I’m still contemplating trying out some of the classes at some point, but by golly, I really need to get in there more than once a week.

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    Okay, so I made it in for my Wednesday morning workout and completed two whole “circuits” w/o dying, but otherwise had a mostly lazy and uneventful rest of the day, though I did strongly consider coming in for a second workout after the Nuggets game. And even though I didn’t have a nap at all today, I still find myself up @ 0230!! Oops

  • I’m feeling pretty sure that I’m battling some emotional issues as well as just being all fat and lazy and out of shape and lacking motivation and being poor like Kenny and … (sigh)

  • I don’t know whether I should be bummin’ more on the fact that I didn’t pat myself on the back for making it in Wednesday morning, or that I wussed out and didn’t make it in on either of the subsequent days, one of which I promised myself that I would! I guess now I see if I can get it together on a Saturday!

  • Ugh! It seems I’m falling into the same trap that got me all out of shape and tubby to begin with … making excuses left and right and not putting in the effort to knock some of this off! The question is, will I have the motivation to get at it Tuesday afternoon? I sure hope so!

  • So yesterday, I resolved to take a “rest day” that I nearly ended up scratching off simply out of frustration late at night … alas, I did a good job of sticking with it, and today my “workout buddy” decided she would take the day off, sooooo … I ended up getting sunburned instead! Needed to happen at some point this summer!

  • Got in the first of my 10 Wednesday morning workouts, but after yesterday, second sets of most things were simply out of the question. Hopefully, if nothing else, perhaps meeting a couple of new folks will help to motivate me further.

  • Got back in @ Smart Sports again today and did a couple of cardio exercises and a few light lifting ones, including a few for TWO sets! … it’s still early admittedly, but I do feel like small progress is being made!

  • Another day w/o using pedometer, but I did get a workout with friends in this morning, but apparently that wasn’t the optimum strategy as I NEEDED to go do so later on and instead had to escape town instead of getting poisoned by our toxic air quality. Now I’m going to try for a good 6 1/2 hours of high quality sleep!

  • I’m not sure why but I’m uncertain about the pedometer & it’s accuracy even if it is +/- 5% … but at least I got out and test-drove Smart Sports this afternoon for a bit … good golly, am I ever out of shape!?!

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