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  • Xiao Yu ordered the gryphon riders to join the battle when he saw that they couldn’t finish off the giant gorloc. The gryphon riders were on standy waiting for an order. They rushed ou and released lightning to attack the giant gorloc.

    An attack from a single gryphon rider wasn’t that strong but when all of them concentrated their attacks on a…[Read more]

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    Flight asked something that was on the minds of many of them, but Three Stones didn’t answer. At this moment, Unrivaled Super Hottie shouted: "Are your Provokes ready!"

    "Ready." The attack had been too shocking. None of the Knights were unwilling anymore. They heard his question and promptly answered back.

    "Line up and wait for my command.…[Read more]

  • "Hm~ m mm hmmm~" She continued to hum as she put away the books.

    ‘Zarak Caverns’ Wonders’

    With the last book back on the shelf, she followed the platform around to where the stairs were, blissfully humming and engrossed with a sense of accomplishment.

    The large double doors were still wide open like how she left them. Pulling one side…[Read more]

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    One must know that the difference between a clan and a sect was significant.

    Clans placed a lot of importance on the direct line of their descendants and inheritance was usually decided by bloodline.

    No matter how outstanding a secondary disciple or a disciple with a different family name was, it was difficult for them to stand out. The…[Read more]

  • Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but think about the female corpse that wore a monastic robe inside the ancient well. This character, who used to be a peerless beauty… Maybe it was her who was fighting the three Giants. It seemed as if she wanted to protect something.

    No longer watching, Feng Feiyun pushed the window of the buddhist pagoda. The…[Read more]

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